Governor Dickson Declared open the meeting of the Joint National Public Service Negotiating Council with theme, ‘Emerging Employer-Employee Relations Management Strategies for addressing potential conflicts in the public sector’.
The goal of the meeting is to
1. Develop and institutionalise an efficient, productive, incorruptible and citizen centred culture in the civil service.
2. To design and implement an enterprise content management system.
3. To develop entrepreneurship culture and commercial orientation in the civil service.
4. To improve welfare and benefit packages for civil servants.
The Bayelsa State Government is very concerned about the issues that cause conflict between the workers and the government which is the brain behind the Bayelsa State Government  hosting the meeting in collaboration with the Joint National Public Service Negotiating Council.
The governor speaking, reiterated that public servants in the state are the true landlords of the ‘Nigerian Project’ therefore, it is important for the civil service to possess both the requisite skill sets and the required motivation to translate government policies.
In his remark, Governor Dickson made an offer to the Chairperson of the council, Mrs Dolapo. D. D. Walson Jack, to host this meeting annually in Bayelsa State considering the value it would add.
In his words, our nation is going through a difficult transition which has resulted in a strain in the relationship between the government and the workforce and this cuts across every strata of government. Therefore irrespective of this reality, the Governor charged  all to embrace the central theme of addressing the problems of Service delivery in the face of the current economic downturn. He stated that this understanding will guarantee that the needed adjustments are made to secure the future beyond oil.
Governor Dickson further stated that as Landlords, the labour force as well as the unions are duty bound to protect the system. The labour unions must be interested in the over bloated wage bills and payroll fraud in the civil service and also endeavor to promote the civil service reforms the government is currently embarking on.
He laid emphasis on the training of the State workforce and announced that the state will be embarking on massive training programs in the coming year.
In closing, the Governor assured the state that no genuine worker will be treated unfairly as the reform is simply to free the system so our unemployed youths can be accommodated and more funds channeled into developing the region.

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