First I would like to make a brief comment of goodwill from Bayelsa state and then I will also make a solidarity speech on behalf of the PDP Governors who are here.

Governor Samuel Ortom and I have been in touch since the unfortunate killings in this state began. And so firstly on behalf of the Restoration Government and the good people of Bayelsa State, I bring you greetings. We offer our condolences and our solidarity with the Governor and the good people of Benue state over the wanton killings and destruction of lives and properties which have been going on unabated in broad day light, not only in Benue state but in Taraba and so many states in our country, and to assure you and the good people of Benue State that Bayelsa and indeed all people of goodwill in our country and around the world are standing shoulder to shoulder with you.
We stand with you to condemn the killings. We stand with you to demand that justice be done. We stand with you to call for responsibility on the part of the Federal Government and on the part of security agencies.
The Common Sense Senator is also here on my entourage because we want to make a statement that the nonsense going on in Benue, including the desecration of democratic institution makes no sense. It does not make any common sense. And now, we the PDP Governors are here, many more of us would have been here but for the short notice yet in spite of the flight delay my colleagues and I are here to join hands with our Governor, with our brother who has joined us to welcome you to your party.
Welcome to the umbrella party, the party for the big as well as the small. The party for the strong as well as the weak. The party that you served and unfortunately certain things went wrong and you went to the wrong side. But we are glad that you are back home. And we say welcome. So the PDP Governors are here in solidarity with you my brother and to thank the good and wonderful people of Benue and to ask you to continue to stand by your Governor. We the PDP Governors and indeed all people of goodwill of conscience are with you and the good people of Benue state.
Democracy has to be protected. The instructions of democracy must be respected and protected and so today we call for responsibility. We call for proper respect for the institutions of democracy. Court orders must be obeyed. The legislative arm must be respected and allowed to function according to the law.
The constitution of this great country and the laws of this country as well as the laws of Benue must at all times be respected.
The provision of impeachment in the constitution is a very extreme measure. It is not a political step you take simply because somebody disagrees with you or defects from a political party. We have been having defections since 1999 of all elected officials and you don’t say you are impeaching or invoking those conditions on flimsy grounds. So the constitution has to be respected. The mandate of the people of Benue that has been freely given to the Governor has to respected and must be protected.
We want to thank you all for standing by the party. We thank you all for standing by the Governor and we thank Mr. Speaker and the hardworking and loyal members of the Benue state House of Assembly and to assure you also that as you stand by what is right, as you stand by the constitutional provision and the rules of the house your colleagues across the country and all lovers of democracy are also praying and standing by you. Thank you most of all the good people of Benue for showing your irrepressible Benue spirit that you can say no when no is the right answer. Thank you very much and God bless you all.”

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